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Posted 2 years ago

Maven integration in Acceleo

With the release of the new Acceleo stand alone front end for the compilation of Acceleo modules, I’ve started to work on a brand new maven integration in Acceleo.

Currently in Acceleo, if you need to build Acceleo modules with maven you have to use a Tycho based build with a java class generated by Acceleo to tweak the build (for example to register the metamodel(s) used in the modules). This Tycho based build will always produce an Eclipse plugin as a result.

The next major release of Acceleo will have a maven plugin dedicated to the compilation and it will bring several key improvements. Firstly, the new compilation front end brings a completely stand alone compilation. Those who want to build their Acceleo modules without having to build an Eclipse plugin will be able to do so. Secondly, this new front end support more complex project structures (with for example, multiple output folders in a same project). Thirdly, you will have the ability to contribute a class to influence the uris of the dependencies in the saved files (for example, change all the uris of the dependencies to other module to “platform:/plugins” uris that are more “eclipse plugin” friendly). Finally, it also features an improved resolution of the dependencies of a project with several options.

Your project will be able to have a dependency to Acceleo modules in another project (that should have been previously compiled). A valid Acceleo project is just a directory on the file system with at least one “source” sub-directory and one “output” sub-directory (no need of an Eclipse nature or anything like that).

This first solution is fine as long as you have the source code of the other modules but sometime you need to build something with the dependencies in jars. The maven plugin for Acceleo will let you declare a dependency to a jar containing already compiled Acceleo modules by using:

  • The absolute path of the jar. Ex: C:\…\myJar.jar
  • The path of the jar relative to the project built. Ex: ${project.basedir}\lib\myJar.jar
  • The groupId and the artifactId of the jar resolved by maven  (the version of the jar is optional since some version number includes the date of the build and therefore change often). Ex: myGroupId:myJar:myVersion
  • The name of an Eclipse bundle resolved by Tycho preceding by “p2.eclipse-plugin” only in a Tycho based build (“p2.eclipse-plugin” is the groupId of all the dependencies resolved by Tycho). Just like the previous use case, the version of the jar is optional too. Ex: p2.eclipse-plugin:myJar:myVersion

For those who want to have a look at this new maven based build for Acceleo, you can find its source code on and you can test it with a simple pom.xml like this one.

Posted 2 years ago

Acceleo 3.2 has been released

Acceleo 3.2 has been officially released today, you can grab it from the Eclipse Marketplace, the modeling discovery UI or with the Acceleo 3.2.x update site:

In this version, you will be able to see several performance improvements in the tooling and the compilation along with a brand new view in the Acceleo perspective, the Interpreter.

The Interpreter view will help you create and debug your generators by letting you evaluate on the fly Acceleo expressions. You can find a detailed presentation of this new view on Laurent’s blog or in video on youtube.

For those who want to know more, I will present a talk about Acceleo next week during EclipseCon Europe at Ludwigsburg.

Posted 3 years ago

What’s new in Acceleo 3.1

Acceleo 3.1 has been released yesterday as part of the Eclipse 3.7 Indigo release train. So let’s have a look at some of the new features available in this release.

Language improvements

  • Support for documentation for templates, queries and modules.

  • Support for TODO and FIXME

Tooling improvements

  • Improved real time error detections with new errors detected and warning support.

  • Brand new wizard for the creation of new projects and new modules.

  • Documentation in completion and hover

  • Improved outline view with new actions to filter and sort templates and queries.

  • Improved support for metamodels that have not been deployed in a plugin.
  • New refactoring options (extract as query, pull up, generate documentation…)
  • Acceleo runtime available as an Eclipse library for all Java projects.

  • New preference menu to customize the colors of the Acceleo editor and to activate/deactivate some options of the generation.

Better Ant and Maven support

Acceleo 3.0 generates the necessary Ant file to compile an Acceleo project thanks to the PDE build system. Now Acceleo 3.1 adds on top of this, two Ant files for the compilation and the launch of an Acceleo generation out of Eclipse. We are also introducing the generation of the pom.xml for a tycho/maven based build of Acceleo projects.

New serialization option

  • Support of binary resource serialization for Acceleo modules. With this new option, you will be able to reduce the size of your Acceleo generators and improve their loading time.

For those who want to know more about Acceleo, you can find more information on the Obeo Network or you can follow me on twitter.

Posted 3 years ago

A new direction for Acceleo

Things will change

For our next release, we want to change the way we consider Acceleo. We have always seen Acceleo as a code generator with a great tooling that we are improving year after year with new features. But this has to stop, we don’t want Acceleo to be just a software with a version number that help you with your work, we want to do more than that, we want to be more than that. That’s why, in June we will not release another numbered version of Acceleo with the 3.1 version but instead introduce our first named release. We will shift our current effort on the development of Acceleo in order to build an happiness generator. We don’t want to improve your code anymore, we intend to improve your life on a daily basis.

Introducing Acceleo Rainbow Edition

With Acceleo Rainbow Edition, we will use the color of the rainbow to help you relax and approach your life with a new perspective. We will now work on a brand new roadmap for this Rainbow Edition.

  • relaxing music integration
  • brand new zen splash screen
  • random compliment generator

You can already have a sneak peek at this wonderful Rainbow Edition with the brand new Acceleo Rainbow Editor by grabbing the last build of Acceleo, here.

For the newcomers looking for resources about Acceleo, you can find all the informations on our wiki.

A revolution at Obeo

This new direction is introduced today with Acceleo but we will propagate it on all Obeo softwares in the months to come. Our company will now focus on the creation of relaxation software development in order to propagate peace and happiness all over the world. You can already see a sneak peek of the next Obeo product that will use the colors of the rainbow, Obeo Designer.

We hope that you can use this brand new editor in Acceleo to have a time as relaxing as we do when developing our generators.