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Posted 2 years ago

Slides from EclipseCon Europe 2011

For those of you looking for the Acceleo presentation that I’ve realized last week during EclipseCon Europe 2011, you can now find it online.

I have also put online the presentation that I’ve done during the Eclipse Modeling symposium on the new Interpreter view available in Acceleo 3.2. A video of this presentation during the symposium is available on Dailymotion.

And now, after Twitter, the Acceleo community will also be available on Google+.

Posted 2 years ago

EclipseCon Europe Day 3

On the latest day of EclipseCon Europe 2011, several presentations marked the day. Starting with the first european presentation of Mylyn Intent. Intent is a documentation tool letting you keep your documentation synchronized with your code and define validation rules to ensure that your work follows the development guidelines of your project. If you ever had a synchronization problem between your documentation and your code, you should give it a try.

I started the afternoon attending to Simon’s talk about Orion, the web based platform of the Eclipse Foundation. After a presentation of the state of the Orion project during which we saw its amazingly fast editor and how the Orion team fused concepts of IDEs and web based applications, we had a demonstration of how the self hosted mode can help debug problems and distribute fixes very quickly. I am looking forward for an Orion based debugger and it’s definitively a project on which we should keep an eye on

Later, Sebastian’s talk presented Xtend, a programming language aimed at the development of Java application by cutting the noise in the Java language and by improving it with new features like closures. As the Xtend language compiles to Java, Xtend is to Java what CoffeeScript is to Javascript. Have a look at their awesome website for more information.

After that, Martin Flügge realized a talk about Dawn, a framework used to create collaborative tools based on CDO. With a live demonstration of a collaborative diagram editor based on Dawn, Martin has presented how Dawn can help modeling tools to move easily a step further with real-time shared editing, conflict handling and locking. You can find Martin’s slides about dawn on the CDO website.

And finally, Mikael showed us the latest features of EMF Compare. With the introduction of graphical comparison of diagrams, protection of the consistencies of models depending from one another (such as during a commit) and a new comparison engine dedicated to UML models, EMF Compare strengthen its place as a must have tool in the development environment of any Eclipse modeling developer.

This edition of EclipseCon Europe was concluded by a closing session during which everyone had the opportunity to thank the people who worked hard organizing this EclipseCon for their great work!

Posted 2 years ago

EclipseCon Europe Day 1

Yesterday started the 2011 edition of EclipseCon Europe. It was a great opportunity to attend very nice talks. Unfortunately everybody cannot be there so here is a small description of the talks that I’ve seen along with links for those who want to know more.

As an Eclipse modeling guy, I’ve started the day with the EMF tutorial in which newcomers to the EMF world could learn what EMF is and taste several key EMF based technologies available in the eclipse foundation thanks to well detailed explanations from the Eclipse Source guys and speakers from the modeling community. For those who want to try this tutorial, its content is available online here and there along with the slide of the presentation.

After a good launch and an interesting keynote from David Cuartielles, I went to the virtual EMF talk. During this talk, Hugo and Gregoire have presented a new technology to manipulate several EMF models with different metamodels as one model seamlessly. After a good explanation of the concept behind virtual EMF, we had the opportunity to watch it during a demonstration using MoDisco. You can already try virtual EMF and send them your feedback by grabbing it on Eclipse labs.

Just after this talk I had to present my talk on Acceleo. Where I’ve presented how Acceleo can be used to create and maintain easily a code generator for the language of your choice. I’ll put my presentation online as soon as possible for those who missed it even if the Eclipse Foundation seems to use a very good system to register the talks and I hope that we will be able to see that way the talk we missed later.

Then I went to Jan’s talk on graphical editing in which he presented an interesting DSL based approach to create a diagram editor. He showed how starting with an EMF model, in his case in an Xtext DSL, you could use a DSL to create the mapping between your model elements and the elements displayed in your diagram and how, in a style sheet DSL, you could define the design of your diagram. With few lines of code, you end up easily with a working diagram view. For those who want to give it a try, go to Jan’s blog and github account.

This first day was concluded by a keynote from John Swainson giving us the story of the birth of Eclipse and of course a great party to celebrate the 10th birthday of Eclipse.